Pause Live Coaching Programs

In an ideal world a coach would assign a program to a client and they’d see it through from start to finish. However, in the real world, busy schedules, injuries, work commitments, changing needs, etc. mean programs often have to be adapted. Coachific allows live coaching programs assigned to a client to be “paused” while […]

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Personal Training Client Leaderboards

Leaderboards can be a fun way to drive competition among your clients, both for your most hardcore users (who will be fighting for the top spot in a leaderboard) and for your more casual users (who will be interested in comparing their progress to their friends). The Coachific application can display a visual leaderboard of […]

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MP3 and Audio Support In Coaching Content

We’ve extended the attachment support for coaching programs to support MP3 and OGG audio files. The attachment viewer has also been enhanced so audio files are playable directly in the application, without having to download to a clients machine or device. For compatible devices and browsers the HTML5 audio player will be used and for […]

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Embed Slideshare Presentations For Personal Trainers

Coachific makes it easy to embed videos, create fields, add smileys, etc. and now we’ve made it easy to embed Slideshare presentations in personal training content. The syntax for embedding is shown in the following example. {slideshare}[slideshare id=12345&doc=link-name-id]{/slideshare} The id attribute is required and should be the id of the presentation to embed. The doc […]

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Embed Google Docs For Personal Trainers

Coachific makes it easy to embed videos, create fields, add smileys, etc. and now we’ve made it easy to embed Google Docs in personal training content, supporting documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, drawings and forms. It doesn’t matter whether the documents are stored in Google Docs or Google Drive the shortcode allows you to embed a […]

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Automatically Invite Personal Training Clients

Often a coach will create client details in the Coachific application and to make it easier for clients to subsequently login we’ve added an Invite feature to client records. On the client details screen an action button named “Invite” can be clicked and a message will be automatically created. The message picks up the Coach […]

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Extended MailChimp Integration For Client Registration

We’ve extended the MailChimp support in Coachific so that new clients registering through your Coach or Program links are automatically added to the appropriate MailChimp list. The MailChimp details are accessed from the Integrations screen and allows a coach to enter their MailChimp API Key and MailChimp List Id for subscribing contacts.

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Rate Workouts, Track Mood and More

A new measurement type of “Rating” has been added to Coachific which allows personal training coaches and clients to rate, survey or gauge any content. The Rating measurement can be added to program content in the same way as any other measurement; simply select it as appropriate from the field dropdown. When a client views […]

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Multiple Personal Trainer Coaches Under One Account

Coachific allows the creation of mutiple trainers & coaches under one account so that staff and client management is easy and organised. Assign clients to specific coaches, set access control levels and permissions, view training programs, view schedules & appointments and enable messaging & comments. Each coach has their own unique login, so they can […]

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