Back To Sleep To Wake Up Without That Ache

There’s been a welcome resurgence in promoting sleep hygiene and an often overlooked factor in a goods night sleep is proper pillow placement (a la the Alexander Method) to keep you in alignment while you sleep. Here’s how.

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Retaining In-Person Coaching Clients

You’d expect in-person clients to do their due diligence on you as a coach, the training programs you offer, etc. but there’s a few subtle points I’ve come across which can make beginner clients leave soon after starting.

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Poorly Trained Personal Trainers?

In this age of celebrity social media coaches many personal trainers look the part but don’t have what it takes to lead others through safe and productive exercise programs and experts are concerned that many physically fit exercise role models are poorly trained.

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Exercise For Senior Personal Training Clients

If your personal training clients think it’s too late to start exercising, let them take heart from the woman who ran in the Boston Marathon at age 88. Then there’s the 89-year-old man who, after eight weeks of a carefully designed weight-lifting program, tossed aside the cane he’d depended on for years.

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Mood Music For Working Out

My formative years of working out were heavily influenced and coached by Vince Gironda where the mandate in his gym was “No pool. No chrome. No music. Just iron.”, so I typically trained with no sounds except for the clanging of the weights (and my laboured breathing when doing 8×8).

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Mid-Level Activity For Health and Fitness

As personal trainers we typically deal with busy mums and dads who have so much on their plate, with hectic family commitments and demanding jobs, that the idea of hours in the gym or running on a treadmill is often too much and completely overwhelming.

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