Positive Holistic Medicine For Personal Trainers

Whether you believe in holistic medicine, such as Ayurveda, or not there’s still some good advice to be gleaned that’s very similar to nutrition habits and practices we give our clients.

– Always sit down to eat.

– Keep talk to a minimum when eating.

– Don’t discuss business or stressful topics.

– Leave about one-quarter of your stomach empty to aid digestion.

– Try to eat at regular times.

– Favour freshly prepared foods and try to avoid leftovers and reheated foods.

– Eat fresh foods suitable to the season and your geographical area.

Foods raised in your area have thrived on the same air, water, nutrients, and sunlight that you grow on. Food that is easiest to digest is best for you. This means that well-cooked food is preferred over raw and hot over cold.

– Sit quietly for a few minutes after each meal.

– Allow your body to settle into its digestive rhythms.


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