Salad Bar Surprise For Weight Loss

Today’s calorie and macro counting client often heads for the salad bar instead of ordering that fat-laden steak and butter-drenched baked potato. He may be making his sacrifice for nothing, however, because the salads he selects may be loaded with fat and sodium and depleted of vitamins and minerals.

On today’s restaurant salad bars for every container of unadorned red-pepper slices there is one with potato salad wallowing in mayonnaise or deep-fried tofu swimming in soy sauce. In fact, some salad bars have become caricatures of their former selves.

Yes, broccoli has become broccoli and pasta salad, dripping in oil, and the diet staple, the hard-boiled egg, has become egg salad, loaded with mayo.

Sadly, the salad bar has gone the way of yogurt; those sugar and additive adulterated yogurts so popular today are a far cry from plain yogurt (which, by the way, is still available), and typical salad bars are a far cry from the nutrition bonanza you’d expect them to be.

In some places, the few raw vegetables not covered with dressing are kept in water-filled containers, where water-soluble nutrients like potassium are lost.

How much damage can a little salad-bar sampling do? One salad-bar foray that netted a little potato salad, tuna salad, fettuccine (with ham, olives, oil and vinegar), fried tofu in soy sauce, carrot and raisin salad (with mayonnaise) and guacamole (three ounces each of the six “salads”) had 893 calories, 58 grams of fat and a whopping 2,258 mg of sodium.

Have you needed to educate your clients on the salad bar surprise?


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