Seeing Red For Sweetness

I watched an interesting program the other night on how tea bags were manufactured (yes, really, Inside The Factory if you’re interested) and one of the segments covered brewing the perfect cuppa. A feature of this process was serving the tea in a bright red mug as it made the drinker think the tea were sweeter and tastier.

Intrigued I investigated further and found it is actually true. Colour, not sugar, may determine how sweet something tastes.

Red drinks taste sweeter than green or yellow drinks with the same sugar content, according to sweetness-perception tests.

It’s all because we’ve been conditioned by nature to believe that as certain fruits ripen and redden, they also get sweeter. As for the colour green, intensifying its hue caused subjects to report that it tasted less sweet and was less enjoyable.

So if your sweet tooth or that of your client’s bothers you, perhaps you could fool it by seeing red.


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