Timely Personal Trainer Reminders

A critical first step in forming new habits or making lasting change is having a reminder (the trigger that initiates the behavior) at the right time. Trying to remember to do a new habit can be difficult as it’s easy to forget when things should be done or you remember at the wrong time. Coachific […]

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Program Segmentation For Efficient Personal Training

Although Coachific contains a wealth of tried and tested features for supporting your own individual style of coaching, Program Segmentation will help refine and maximize the success of the system for you. If you haven’t already tried it, you’ll find that splitting your coaching programs into distinct segments is an ideal way to help you […]

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Pause Live Coaching Programs

In an ideal world a coach would assign a program to a client and they’d see it through from start to finish. However, in the real world, busy schedules, injuries, work commitments, changing needs, etc. mean programs often have to be adapted. Coachific allows live coaching programs assigned to a client to be “paused” while […]

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Visual Timeline For Coaching Programs

Coachific lets coaches quickly and easily build targeted nutrition and exercise programs with training, assignments, habits and measurements, together with repeating events and program elements. The Program Timeline provides a visual, date-sequence representation of the program which can be easily verified, updated, printed, etc. Simply select the Timeline tab from the Program page to see […]

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Scheduled Messages For Personal Trainers and Clients

Coachific supports private messages, comments, and mail sending in the application and we’ve now extended messages to support scheduled sending. Simply select the date in the future when you want your message to be sent and the application will deliver it accordingly. Scheduled messages will be marked with a waiting icon and will not be […]

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Google Calendar Integration For Personal Trainers and Clients

The Coachific calendar lets coaches and clients easily see which training, assignments or habits need to be actioned and when. To make sure nothing is missed we’ve added integration with Google Calendar which allows external events to be displayed within Coachific. The preferences tab in the user account screen allows setting a public Google Calendar […]

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