The Other Types Of Weed

You’ve got the paleo crowd who think plants are tasty condiments to real food and vegetarians who think plants are the way forward, however both parties (and everyone in between) could benefit from eating weeds and wild plants for high nutrition.

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Seeing Red For Sweetness

I watched an interesting program the other night on how tea bags were manufactured (yes, really, Inside The Factory if you’re interested) and one of the segments covered brewing the perfect cuppa. A feature of this process was serving the tea in a bright red mug as it made the drinker think the tea were […]

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Salad Bar Surprise For Weight Loss

Today’s calorie and macro counting client often heads for the salad bar instead of ordering that fat-laden steak and butter-drenched baked potato. He may be making his sacrifice for nothing, however, because the salads he selects may be loaded with fat and sodium and depleted of vitamins and minerals.

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Back To Sleep To Wake Up Without That Ache

There’s been a welcome resurgence in promoting sleep hygiene and an often overlooked factor in a goods night sleep is proper pillow placement (a la the Alexander Method) to keep you in alignment while you sleep. Here’s how.

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