Be A Coaching Genius To Your Clients

Be A Coaching Genius To Your Clients

Gaining insights into your clients’ progress and status makes you, basically, a genius!

When you use Coachific, the simple act of placing the various elements into an organised system produces massive wins, bringing fresh insights and increased focus. In turn these lead to real results. You and your clients know exactly where they are at any given moment.

Put simply, if at every moment you are aware of a client’s progress and goals you can deliver laser-like insights to aid them still further whenever they are needed. Your clients will value the understanding you show about their aims and goals, aware that you are working hard and creatively to help speed their progress.

Coachific techno wizardry makes this high-powered, real-time relationship-building easy. The old-fashioned way is for clients to describe how they are feeling when they begin a session. This is less than ideal as it’s prone to reporting bias. It’s also likely to be incomplete and subjective. Moreover, it takes up valuable coaching time.

With Coachific you can automatically record and track your clients’ progress at regular intervals. It’s simple for them too (we know it works well with existing trainers and clients) so you are ensured a complete picture of how things are going at any time.

What does that do for your coaching? You’ll be dealing with what’s happening at this moment, removing the necessity for progress reports. And, of course, there’s no second guessing. You’ll soon find that you are offering a more targeted, fully tailored approach in your coaching, addressing precisely what your clients need at any given time.

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