Client Dashboard Views

Client Dashboard Views

Coachific allows your clients to display their coaching in the manner they work with the best. From articles to cards to calendar views, it’s the only coaching software that puts both coach and client in the driving seat.

The client dashboard is where client’s will view, manage and complete their assigned coaching programs.

On the Dashboard client’s see an interface where they can read coaching assignments, get workouts, and record habits and progress.

The dashboard shows the assignment, workout and habit tracking for the current day (if any).

Dashboard Views

A client can decide how to view the content displayed on their dashboard in a number of ways, from Daily Article, Daily Cards, Weekly, Monthly and yearly.

Default View

The default view for new clients registering with a coach or registering to a program can be controlled from the settings screen.

Daily List

The daily list view displays content in an article or blog style list.

Daily Cards

The daily cards view displays content in a card or block style layout.

The Card Colour can be controlled on the program content page to denote specific actions, match branding, etc.


The weekly view displays content in a week-by-week display.


The monthly view displays content in a monthly overview display.


The yearly view displays content in a yearly overview display.

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