Client Measurements

Client Measurements

“If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing!” Coachific measures the important variables in a client’s training program, and keeps track of what’s happening to these variables over time.

You and your clients can easily track changes in bodyweight, bodyfat %, girth measurements, visual progress, etc. With instant alerts, quick access to progress reports and client impersonation you’ll always be on top of your coaching.

The settings tab on the Program Content screen controls the appearance and behaviour of the content when displayed to the client.


The Measurements field allows built-in measurements, such as Weight, Girth, Skinfold, etc., as well as Ratings and Image Uploads, to be automatically presented to the client.

Simple select the required option(s) from the list provided and the application will do the rest.




Bodyfat %

7-Site Skinfold

File Upload


Macronutrient Goals

Water Intake


Blood Pressure

Blood Glucose

Heart Rate

Blood Lipids


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