Client Profile

The client profile page is where you’ll manage specific details for a client, such as contact information, application preferences, goals, social media details and assigned programs.

Screen Actions


Once you’ve entered the client details click on the Save button and the application will save your changes.

Client Status

Client’s can either be Active (a client) or Inactive (a contact) in the application and only active clients will count towards subscription limits.

Toggle the status button accordingly to set the client status.

Client Avatar

A client photo or image can be uploaded to their profile by clicking the upload arrow icon.


The profile tab displays personal and contact details for the client, such as Name, E-Mail, Password, Telephone, Date of Birth and Gender.

So that skinfold calculations can be made on progress pages, be sure to complete the Gender and Date of Birth fields.

The Address field can be used to store the client’s physical address.

The Start Date field denotes the date the client started their coaching and is used on progress pages if entered.

The Tags field can be used to describe and categorise the client in any manner and supports searching and filtering throughout the application.

The Locations field can be used to denote where the client is coached and selections can be made from Online or entries saved in the Locations screen.


The preferences tab controls whether e-mails should be sent on application events, displays the metrics used when the client records their measurements, reminder times, language preferences, timezone and credentials for MyFitnessPal integration.

Receive E-Mail Messages

When the Receive E-Mail Messages option is enabled the client will be sent an E-Mail copy of all messages created in the application.

Receive Mobile Notifications

When the Receive Mobile Notifications option is enabled the client will be sent a push notification to their mobile device of all messages created in the application.

Receive E-Mail Reminders

When the Receive E-Mail Reminders option is enabled the client will be sent an E-Mail reminder of all their tasks due for the day.

Show Last Measurements

When the Show Last Measurements option is enabled the application will display historic measurements and values when entering updated values so a client can compare, evaluate progress, ensure accuracy, etc.

Show Activity Charts

When the Show Activity Charts option is enabled the application will display visual charts and graphs to the client.

Disable this option if client’s are beginners or become overwhelmed with visual indicators, etc.

Show Activity Badges

When the Show Activity Badges option is enabled the application will display visual badges and goals to the client.

Disable this option if client’s are beginners or become overwhelmed with visual indicators, etc.

Show Finished Programs

The Show Finished Programs preference controls whether programs that have ended are displayed to a client in the application.

When the preference is disabled all finished programs will not be shown to a client and their progress statistics, calculations, charts, etc. will not take the program results into account.

Clean Slate Finished Programs

Changing lifestyle and nutrition habits can be hard, but the “Clean Slate Policy” says “Let’s wipe the slate clean and move on. What’s past is behind you. And the future looks awesome.”.

At Coachific we love how a coach and client can use the application to revisit mistakes so they can do a better job next time, but we also agree that for lasting change it’s what happens TODAY, right now, that really matters.

With this in mind Coachific allows coaches to set client preferences to implement the Clean Slate Policy.

When the preference is enabled a client will still see all their history but progress will only be based on “active” programs.

The default for a new client is Show Finished Programs as enabled and Clean Slate Finished Programs as disabled.

The Weight Measurement, Girth Measurement, Skinfold Measurement and Blood Measurement fields control which metrics are used for display and calculation for the client in the application.

The Preferred Reminder Time field denotes at what time reminder mails and notifications are sent.

The Language field denotes which language the application displays and whether translation is enabled (if available).

The Timezone field denotes which timezone the application uses for date / time display calulations.

MyFitnessPal Credentials

If a client uses MyFitnessPal to track their macronutrients and have entered the MyFitnessPal Credentials the application will automatically load data from MyFitnessPal so a coach and client can calculate their macronutrient intake targets and then track them as required to ensure they reach your goals.


The goals tab displays the clients goals used to highlight progress and milestones throughout the application.


The social tab displays links for the clients social media accounts.


The programs tab is where all the programs assigned to the client are managed.

By default the programs tab displays a list of all the programs assigned to the client and changes can be made by clicking an entry in the list.

To assign a new program to the client click the Assign Program button from the screen actions.

In both circumstances the Assign Program dialog is displayed.

Select the appropriate Program from the dropdown list and choose the program Start Date. The Start Date defaults to the appropriate date based on settings made in the program.

The Active field denotes whether the assigned program is running.

The Advanced Settings section allows the No. of Days Client Can Look Ahead setting in the program to be overridden and the Clean Slate Finished Program settings allows the client profile setting to be overridden. The program can also be marked as paid if payment has been collected outside of the application or you wish to override the default payment (if any).

Click the Assign button to assign a new program to the client or apply changes made to an existing program assignment.

Repeat this process as many times as needed to assign multiple programs to the client.


The notes tab displays notes saved for the client by all coaches.

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