Coachific WordPress Plugin

Coachific WordPress Plugin

Quickly and easily embed Coachific functionality into your WordPress content.

The Coachific WordPress Plugin easily allows Coachific functionality to be embedded into WordPress content by using a WordPress shortcode.

The shortcode syntax simply allows Coachific to be embedded into WordPress and automatic “silent” login is supported for seamless WordPress user integration.

The [coachific] shortcode supports a number of settings named userhash, height, iframe and login.


The userhash setting allows seamless “silent” login for WordPress users and can either be specified directly for a single user or per user hashes can be managed in the WordPress User Profile Manager.

You can locate a user hash by opening the client profile in Coachific, clicking the Preferences tab and viewing the Embed Login Widget code.

Specific User

[coachific userhash=”18d00767-79b8-4791-b587-089b4cbd5bca” height=”800″ iframe=”false” login=”false”]

Multiple Users

[coachific userhash=”” height=”800″ iframe=”false” login=”false”]


By default the Coachific functionality automatically resizes to fit the content, however a default height can be specified with the height setting.


By default the Coachific functionality is embedded with Javascript but in some cases a WordPress theme / code conflict or incompatibility occurs and an iframe can be used instead by setting iframe=”true”.


By default the Coachific login screen will be displayed if no hash or an invalid hash is used but the WordPress login can be displayed instead by setting login=”true”.


You can download the Coachific WordPress Plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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