Coaching Clients And The Clean Slate Policy

Coaching Clients And The Clean Slate Policy

Changing lifestyle and nutrition habits can seem daunting, but a great approach we like is the ‘Clean Slate Policy’. It says “Let’s wipe the slate clean and move on. What’s past is behind you. And the future looks awesome”.

It can and does with Coachific! We’ve worked hard at refining our application so that both coaches and their clients can easily revisit and review mistakes. And they can do it sooner rather than later, making rapid refinements and improvements, so that their shared success grows by leaps and bounds.

Why wait for mistakes to be spotted and suffer delays and disappointment? With Coachific you can mentor your clients NOW, creating lasting change that happens TODAY! That’s the unique power of Coachific.

Coachific allows you to set preferences for each of your clients individually. By implementing the Clean Slate Policy they can view their history, but their progress will be based only on “active” programs. They’ll find this inspiring, and should give them renewed confidence, encouraging them to progress further along the path to success.

Client Preferences Screen

With Coachific you and your clients will stop fixating on mistakes. After all, we all make them. What’s important is that we learn from them quickly and then focus on the awesome stuff that lies ahead!

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