Data De-Identification

Data De-Identification

De-identify client data for data privacy protection by using the safe harbor method.

Coachific adheres to the HIPAA defined “safe harbor” method to de-identify data, where all 18 identifiers are removed and client records are tracked by a unique Id number, all communication is via the application and appropriate audit trail modifications are made.

The “Shared Responsibility Model” must still be adhered to and a customer (coach) must apply their own due diligence while using Coachific to ensure de-identified data integrity.

According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), there are 18 direct identifiers that are typically present in patient medical records.

Geographic subdivisions smaller than a state (e.g. street address, city and ZIP code)
All dates that are related to an individual (e.g., date of birth, admission)
Telephone numbers
Fax numbers
Email addresses
Social Security numbers
Medical record numbers
Health plan beneficiary numbers
Account numbers
Certificate/license numbers
Vehicle identifiers and serial numbers, including license plate numbers
Device identifiers and serial numbers
Web universal locators (URLs)
IP address numbers
Biometric identifiers such as fingerprints and voice prints
Full-face photographic images
Other unique identifying numbers, characteristics or codes

Blur Images

The blur images setting blurs default visible images (not drill-down) to protect identification from public view.

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