FatSecret Integration

FatSecret Integration

If a client uses FatSecret to track their macronutrients and have connected their FatSecret account the application will automatically load data from FatSecret so a coach and client can calculate their macronutrient intake targets and then track them as required to ensure they reach your goals.

Client Profile

The client profile page is where you’ll manage specific details for a client, such as contact information, application preferences, goals, social media details and assigned programs.

The preferences tab controls whether e-mails should be sent on application events, displays the metrics used when the client records their measurements, reminder times, language preferences, timezone and credentials for FatSecret integration.

To connect your FatSecret account to Coachific click the Connect With FatSecret action button.

You will then be redirected to the FatSecret site where you’ll be prompted to login to your existing FatSecret account or register as a new user.

Login or register as appropriate and click the Allow Access action button to continue.

You will then be returned to Coachific where confirmation of the FatSecret connection will be displayed.

You can disconnect from FatSecret and revoke access from Coachific at any time by clicking the Disconnect From FatSecret action button.

Coach Dashboard

Individual client progress can be viewed by clicking the client’s name from the appropriate entry in the list on the coach dashboard and the progress detail will be expanded and displayed.


The macronutrients tab provides an overview of a client’s macronutrient goals and a chronological breakdown of a client’s macronutrient measurements. All measurements are color coded on a “traffic light” system so progress can be quickly gauged.

Clicking and expanding the section(s) below displays a chart of individual records showing average macronutrient values.

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