GoCardless Payment Provider

GoCardless Payment Provider

Sell coaching programs and personal training through your GoCardless account and collect payments via Direct Debit.

Coachific supports collecting payments and integration with GoCardless which makes it easy to collect Direct Debit payments from coaching clients.

Setting Up Coachific and GoCardless

Setting up payment support for GoCardless is simple and a coach only needs to connect to GoCardless in the settings page.

To connect your GoCardless account to Coachific click the Connect With GoCardless action button.

You will then be redirected to the GoCardless site where you’ll be prompted to login to your existing GoCardless account or register as a new user.

Login or register as appropriate and click the Connect Account action button to continue.

You will then be returned to Coachific where confirmation of the GoCardless connection will be displayed.

You can disconnect from GoCardless and revoke access from Coachific at any time by clicking the Disconnect From GoCardless action button.

That’s it! You’re now all set up and ready to accept GoCardless direct debit payments from your clients by setting up Pricing on your coaching programs.

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