Library Entry

Library Entry

The library entry page is where you’ll manage specific details for a library, workout, recipe, etc. entry.

Screen Actions


Once you’ve entered the entry details click on the Save button and the application will save your changes.

Library Entry

The library entry displays details for the entry, such as Name, Description, Measurements, Regressions, Progressions and Media / Attachments.

The Tags field can be used to describe and categorise the entry in any manner and supports searching and filtering throughout the application.

The Measurements field can be used to denote built-in fields for capturing client input related to the type of entry or for filtering content based on the type.

The Regressions and Progressions fields can be used to denote an easier version / less-advanced variation or a harder version / more-advanced variation of the entry which is displayed to the client.

The Video / Media Link field can be used to reference a YouTube, Vimeo or hosted video / media which will be presented to the client.

The Attachments section can be used to upload file attachments and images to the entry.

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