Program Segmentation

Program Segmentation

If you haven’t already tried it, you’ll find that splitting your coaching programs into distinct segments is an ideal way to help you and your clients track their progress.

On the surface Program Segmentation may seem like unnecessary extra work. However, our coaches tell us that if you persevere it leads to greatly enhanced results. The advantages?

• Tracking client compliance is much quicker and easier

• Identifies where clients are struggling

• Highlights and identifies common sticking points

• Graphs enable you to chart your clients’ progress, showing how effectively you are moving towards their required training goals

• Helps save having to create individual coaching programs for different clients

• Makes the managing of a large number of clients that much more efficient

Here’s an example: Take a look at the Female Body Transformation program below. You’ll see all of the workouts (training), learning (assignments), habits, etc. that have been compiled to create an entire 30-day program.

Female Body Transformation Program

Creating a program this way is, of course, helpful. Segmenting, though, takes online coaching to a different level, and is one of Coachific’s most ingenious and powerful features. It brings you the facility to swiftly and easily build in core components – the ones you incorporate again and again into the training programs you are building for the majority of your clients.

How does it work? You simply assign multiple programs (‘components’) to new clients as and when they are appropriate. You can also allocate a schedule of dates that help create a client’s ongoing training package.

Program Assign Timeline

You’ll be surprised and delighted at the beneficial effects segmenting has on client progress. And on how much time it saves you in compiling individual client programs. Each segment can be precisely filtered, so you and your clients know exactly how things stand at any given moment. With this data easily at hand, you can offer up-to-the-minute advice and take appropriate remedial action sooner rather than later.

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