Program Content

The program content page is where you’ll add and import coaching content to your programs.

Screen Actions

Save Changes

Once you’ve entered the content details click on the Save Changes button and the application will save your changes.

Add Content

To add new coaching content to your program click the Add Content button and the content screen will be displayed.

Copy Content

To copy an existing coaching content to your program ensure the content you wish to copy is displayed and click the Copy Content button and the content will be duplicated in the right-hand content list.

Import Content

To import content from ready-made programs and your own existing programs click the Import Content button and the import dialog will be displayed (see below).

Delete Content

To permanently delete content and all its attachments click the Delete button and confirm accordingly. Note that this operation cannot be undone.


All content that is contained in a program can be viewed in the right-hand content list and is displayed by schedule (days) and content ordering. The type of content (Assignment, Training, Habit and Custom) is also displayed. If coaching content is not Published it is “greyed out”.

New content created, saved and imported to the program will automatically appear in the list and clicking a content entry in the list will display its details for editing.

The Title field is the title of the content that will be displayed to the client.

The Content Type field allows you to denote the type of content and the choices are Training, Assignment, Habit and Custom. The types are used in the application for tracking and progress but their meaning can be whatever you see fit. For example, Training can be physical training or education training, the choice is yours! The Custom type allows you to categorise content with your own description and once again is displayed in application tracking and progress.

For example, client progress on the coach dashboard is broken down by content type, including custom content descriptions.

In the same manner, progress on the client dashboard is also displayed by content type, including custom content descriptions.

Program Content is entered in the rich-text editor field and supports formatting, layout, images, media and short code fields. Enter your coaching content as appropriate and format / layout accordingly. Hover over the icons in the editor toolbar to see a description of their purpose and action.

The Media Manager is where you can manage your images, audio, videos, and documents for use throughout the application all in one place.

Templates & Short Codes

The application supports ready-made templates and “short codes” for building custom forms which capture data from your clients, profile field values, embedding functionality, such as videos and controlling content appearance. Position the cursor in your content where you’d like the template or short code inserted and click the Templates button in the toolbar. The Templates dialog is displayed.

Choose the required template or short code from the dropdown list and a description of its purpose and syntax will be displayed. See the short codes page for full details on the available short codes.

Read More

You can truncate your coaching content so that only the first part is displayed on the client dashboard. When you do this, a “Read More” link will be placed directly after your excerpt, pointing the client to the full coaching content. You can put the read more short code anywhere in your content.

Adding the Read More short code in your content is as simple as clicking on a line where you would like to end the summary and show a read more link and then click on the Read More button from the toolbar.

Browse Library

Throughout the application you can insert library entries into messages, programs, content, etc. by clicking the Library action icon.

Once clicked the Library dialog will be displayed where the appropriate entry can be searched and selected. YouTube videos can also be searched and inserted into messages and content.


The Settings tab controls the appearance and behaviour of the content when displayed to the client.

The Published checkbox controls whether the content is made visible to clients.

The Measurements field allows built-in measurements, such as Weight, Girth, Skinfold, etc., as well as Ratings and Image Uploads, to be automatically presented to the client.

Simple select the required option(s) from the list provided and the application will do the rest.




Bodyfat %

7-Site Skinfold

File Upload


Water Intake


Blood Pressure

Blood Glucose

Heart Rate

Blood Lipids


The Display Settings section controls how the content will be displayed and behave when presented to the client. The Content Icon field allows a visual icon to be displayed next to the title of the content and consistent usage can help visualise types of content.

Optional To Complete Content that is optional to complete does not have to be “Marked Done” by a client and will not count toward client progress.

Sticky Until Complete Content that is sticky will keep appearing on the client dashboard until it is marked as complete. To control the duration sticky content appears use the Sticky Duration (Days) field to denote how many days the content should remain on the dashboard and prevent incomplete content from building up. For example, give client’s 7 days to complete important “sticky” content and then stop displaying it after this time.

Lock Once Complete Content will be locked and no further changes allowed once a client marks the content as complete.

Hide Once Complete Content will be hidden from the client dashboard once a client marks it as complete but they can still search and view this content in their history.

E-Mail Coach Once Complete Send an e-mail to you the coach once a client marks the content as complete.

Track Content Tracked content will be made available to you for quick viewing on the coach dashboard and is useful for easily tracking forms, questionnaires, surveys, etc.

Disable Comments Comments will be disabled for this content when displayed to a client.

Estimated Time To Complete The estimated total time in minutes to complete or read this content and will be displayed to a client to give them an idea of the time involved to read and digest the content.

Achievements allow a badge to be awarded to the client when they achieve a completion % for this content.

The badge is displayed in the client dashboard and can be shared on social media. Select the appropriate badge and set the completion % target.

The Header Image allows you to set a graphic header or banner for the content which will be displayed to the client and make the content more visually appealing. You can choose from built-in / ready-made graphics or click the Browse Server button to upload and use your own images.


The schedule tab controls the day of the program when the content is displayed. Also, to save you from having to create duplicate content entries (such as those for recording bi-weekly measurements or daily habits) the schedule section allows you to setup repeating content.

The Show Content on Day(s) field denotes which day in your program this content is displayed. For example, “1” or “2” or “1,2,3”, etc. You can have multiple training, assignments and habits showing on the same day and the Content Order field allows you to sort content on the same day accordingly.

The Repeating Content section sets when regularly displayed content is shown to the client, either manually or by choosing one of the common schedule buttons to quickly set the schedule, for example 1 Week, 2 Weeks, Weekly, Monthly, etc.

The Repeat Every number and dropdown field controls how regularly the content is displayed. Enter the number and choose from “Day” to repeat daily, “Week” to repeat weekly and “Month” to repeat monthly.

The For Following field controls for how often the content should be repeated. For example, if the content were a habit and you wanted to repeat it for a week you’d set the “Repeat Every” field to “Day”, the “For Following” field to “6” and the duration to “Days”. The habit would then be shown on the “Day of Program” and then the following 6 days (making a total of 7 days). Enter “0” for no repeating.

The Content Targetting section allows you to individualize your content by targetting specific clients, groups of clients or genders. Select the appropriate targetting method from All Clients (default), Selected Clients Only, All Clients Except Selected, Male Clients Only and Female Clients Only. Depending on the selection you will be prompted to choose the appropriate clients from the list provided.


The Attachments tab allows you to upload and attach files to your content that will be presented to the client for viewing, download, etc.


The Preview tab allows you to view how your content will appear to a client on their dashboard without leaving the program content screen.

Importing Content

You can quickly and easily import content from the built-in / ready-made content in the application, as well as from your own existing programs by clicking the Import Content action button.

The Import dialog will be displayed and you can filter by program to locate the required content and click its title to import it to the current program.

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