Program Entry

The program entry page is where you’ll manage specific details for a coaching program and its content.

Screen Actions

Save Changes

Once you’ve entered the program details click on the Save Changes button and the application will save your changes.

Add Content

To add new coaching content to your program click the Add Content button and the content screen will be displayed (see below).

Import Content

To import content from ready-made programs and your own existing programs click the Import Content button and the import dialog will be displayed (see below).

Program Settings

The Program Settings tab displays fields for controlling the appearance and behaviour of the program when presented to the client on their dashboard or displayed for registrations, etc.

The Program Name and Program Description fields are used to name the program and will be presented to a client in the application.

The Number of Days Client Can Look Ahead allows you to control whether a client can view coaching content in the future. Enter “0” to not allow any future viewing or the number of days as appropriate.

If your program starts on a specific day of the week (for example, Monday) you can specify the day in the Program Start Day field. When a new client registers with your Registration Link or are assigned the program they’ll start on the next available specified day. Choose “Any Day” if the start day doesn’t matter or if you want the program to start on a specific date (for example, a group coaching cohort or intake) set the date in the Program Start Date field.

The Tags field can be used to describe and categorise the program in any manner and supports searching and filtering throughout the application. Tags will also be assigned to clients registering for or assigned to the program.

The Locations field can be used to denote where the program is delivered and selections can be made from Online or entries saved in the Locations screen.

The Assigned / Available Coaches field allows you to choose coaches which will be automatically assigned to clients registering for or assigned to the program.

Program Pricing

Collect money easily with integrated payments powered by Stripe, PayPal and other providers. With just a couple of clicks, you’ll be set up to receive credit card payments from anybody around the world.

Program Pricing supports Free, One-Time and Regular payments.

Free: Free programs will be available for, well, free! All the client needs to do is create an account with you and they will have access to the program free of charge.

One-Time Payment: This will charge a one-off payment to the client for access to the program.

Weekly Payment: This allows you to take recurring weekly subscription payments for your program. The client will be charged the specified amount each week for continuing access to the program.

Monthly Payment: This allows you to take recurring monthly subscription payments for your program. The client will be charged the specified amount each month for continuing access to the program.

Yearly Payment: This allows you to take recurring yearly subscription payments for your program. The client will be charged the specified amount each year for continuing access to the program.

Select the appropriate Payment Provider from the dropdown list. See the Application Settings screen for setting up Payment Providers.

Choose the Payment Price and Payment Currency as related to the pricing type (one-time, monthly, etc.).

If a trial period or delay is required before payment is requested you can complete the Payment Start field relating to the appropriate Day in the program.

Stripe Subscription: If your Payment Provider is Stripe and you’re collecting regular payments you can specify the Stripe Subscription Plan Id in this field.

PayPal supports tax for one-time payments and a trial period (in days) before monies are collected. If you do not want clients to enter their payment details until a specific day of the program leave the Trial Period field empty and use the Payment Start field above.

Program Sharing

The Registration Link is used by clients to sign-up to this program. Share in mail, websites, social media, etc.

Selected Program Content can be displayed on the registration link landing page for a richer client experience. Simply choose an existing content entry from the program and it will be displayed. Note the content does not need to be published to be used.

When client’s register for the program they are by default marked “Active”. If instead you’d like client’s to register as inactive (in a lead capture manner) enable the Register As Inactive checkbox.

The Register With Billing setting will prompt client’s to complete billing as soon as they register for the program and is enabled by default.

The Social Media Link field displays an external site for this program. For example a Facebook group page, cohort discussion, website forum, etc. and is displayed in the application header.

You can add and embed a Registration Widget to a website or blog by copying and pasting the code into your website or blog HTML.

Program Timeline

The Program Timeline tab displays a chronological overview of all your program content (repeated accordingly) so you can visually see how your content will be delivered and check the layout, sequence, etc.

A PDF version of the program can be created by clicking the Print action icon.

Adding & Importing Program Content

See the Program Content page for details on adding and importing content to the program.

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