The Importance Of Accessibility For Online Coaching

The Importance Of Accessibility For Online Coaching

Coachific understands the importance of technology accessibility to your clients and supports well known accessibility standards including Section 508 compliance and WCAG 2.0.

But what does “accessible” mean with respect to your online coaching and how can a client with a disability obtain your coaching as fully, equally, and independently as a client without a disability?

You’re in charge of creating the coaching content you deliver with Coachific but we’ve compiled a list of basic guidelines to keep in mind when building your programs.

– Use clear, consistent layouts and organisation schemes for presenting content

– Structure headings (using the style features built into the Coachific editor)

– Use descriptive wording for hyperlink text (e.g., “Barbell Lunge Video” instead of “click here”)

– Minimise the use of text as images or documents; make sure the text is accessible by testing to see if you can copy and paste it. Always offer a text based alternative as well

– Provide concise alternative text descriptions of content presented within images

– Use large, bold fonts on uncluttered pages with plain backgrounds

– Caption or transcribe video and audio content

– Present content in multiple ways (e.g., in a combination of text, video, audio, and / or image format)

– Address a wide range of language skills as you write content (e.g., spell acronyms, define terms, avoid or define jargon)

– Make instructions and expectations clear for training, assignments and habits

– Use the Coachific colour theme which is high contrast and can be read by those who are colour blind or visually impaired

Coachific Accessible Theme

There are more options than ever available to choose from for providing online coaching, but choosing Coachific ensures the needs of all your clients are met, especially when it comes to accessibility.

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