Tracking Custom Fields

Tracking Custom Fields

Coachific is based on proven, effective, habit-based coaching principles to ensure your clients make successful improvements to their nutrition and exercise programs.

The coach dashboard is where you’ll manage client progress, activity, analysis, alerts and reports.

Client Progress

Individual client progress can be viewed by clicking the client’s name from the appropriate entry in the list and the progress detail will be expanded and displayed.


The tracking tab provides a chronological breakdown of all tracked content for the client. Content can be tracked by enabling the appropriate setting on the program content screen.

Tracking Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added to any coaching content in Coachific and by default the values that are entered by clients are not tracked.

However, by specifying the id=[] attribute in the custom field syntax any field values will be automatically tracked and made available for viewing on the coach dashboard.

All types of field can be tracked and numeric values will appear in charts for visual display.

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