Workout Entry

Workout Entry

The workout entry page is where you’ll build a workout or training program consisting of library entries.

To add a new workout for inclusion in program content, open the Library List page and click the Add Workout action button.

Screen Actions

Save Changes

Once you’ve entered the workout details click on the Save Changes button and the application will save your changes.

Workout Entry

The workout entry displays details for the workout, such as Name, Description and Tags.

The Tags field can be used to describe and categorise the workout in any manner and supports searching and filtering throughout the application.

Adding Exercises

Exercises can be added to the workout by clicking an entry from the list on the left-hand side of the page. Exercises can be filtered by tag or filtered by searching in the search field.

If an exercise does not exist in the list a coach can either enter their own library entry for the exercise or click the YouTube toggle and search for a YouTube video to use accordingly.

Once an exercise has been added to the workout the settings for the exercise can be edited as required.

Exercise setting fields will change depending on the type of exercise selected and the available options are Notation, Sets, Reps, Weight, Time, Distance, Resistance, Rounds, Rest, Pace, Heart Rate and Notes.

Settings fields that are filled out will be presented to the client (for example, number of sets, reps, etc.) and will also allow the client to add their values (for example, weight used, notes, etc.)

To avoid having to duplicate exercise entries in a workout when values change, escalate, etc. (for example, the number of reps increases for later sets), a coach can separate values with a comma (,) to denote the changes. Note that the number of entries separated with a comma must match the number of sets value.

Repeat the above process to add all required exercises and save the workout entry accordingly.

Adding A Workout / Exercises To Program Content

You can insert workout (or exercise) entries into program content by clicking the Library action icon when editing a program.

Once clicked the Library dialog will be displayed where the appropriate workout or exercise entry can be selected.

The {library} short code allows you to specify a workout or exercise entry and have it embedded in coaching content.

Note, you can simply insert exercises into program content as needed, however a workout entry provides the additional features of managing multiple exercises in one place, repeating sets and reps, etc.

Viewing A Workout

When the program content containing a workout is presented to a client all exercises, descriptions, videos, etc. will be displayed with appropriate fields for completion.

Clicking the Information (i) icon displays the exercise description, image(s), video(s), regression(s), progression(s), etc. if appropriate.

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