Nothing Builds Trust Like Community

People come for the coaching, but stay around for the community. Coachific powers both.

Build Your Tribe

Nurture your clients, forge strong community, make a difference and succeed together.

Community is the new way to coach and today owning your own community is one of the greatest asset you could have.

Share The Knowledge

Tutorials, guides, how-to’s, videos or full coaching programs, we’ve got online cohort-based education covered.

Coaches and course creators do not spend enough time coaching groups, yet it’s what clients and students are most looking for.

Power Your Coaching

Check-ins, progress tracking, challenges, rich media messaging, and more, keep client’s returning.

Your clients can easily check-in, update their training and keep in touch with push notifications, all from the dedicated mobile application delivered with your brand.

Online Courses and Coaching Programs Made Simple

The tools you need to run your coaching business all in one place, so you can focus on helping your clients get results.

Rich content, unlimited video, live lessons, assessments, tracking and much more.

Game To Grow

Boost engagement, increase retention and empower your clients to work towards their goals by earning points, badges and rewards.

Move up leaderboards and have fun making progress.

Memberships & Subscriptions

Simple, seamless client signups and recurring memberships, with PayPal, Stripe and more, gets you paid faster and easier.

We don’t take a cut and never will, leaving you to focus on great coaching.

Show Your Work, Share Your Knowledge

Upload, share and schedule evergreen articles, teaching videos, explanation audio, and coaching resources in your own online library.

With no limitations you can reach your first client to your thousandth.

Ready To Coach With Just A Few Clicks

Save time with done-for-you coaching programs, assessments and forms for all manner of coaching requirements.

100% White Label. Your Brand, Front and Center

You’re not just selling your coaching, but the entire experience and aesthetic your content is packaged in.

So make it look and feel the way you want it to.

Manage Everything From One Place

No more digging through emails, spreadsheets, forms and complicated file storage.

Coachific provides a centralised place for all your coaching materials so you can focus on client success.

Private & Group Messaging

Create private 1-to-1 messages or message all clients at once, with images, audio, video, attachments and text.

Wearables & Trackers

Coachific integrates with wearables and trackers, such as FitBit, Withings and MyFitnessPal.

Automatically capture client activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more to deliver expert coaching and results.

Say It Loud

Speaking is fundamental to the way we get things done and Coachific allows your clients to communicate with your brand in spoken language, through Alexa smart speakers and other devices.

Hear their latest news and content? Get their to-do and check-in for the day? Search for answers to questions and queries? Now it’s easier than ever with personalised voice control.

Go Native

Want your own native, branded mobile app for iOS or Android? Host on your own domain name? Release your own Alexa skill? No problem!

We’ll do all the heavy lifting to publish your own app in the App Stores, so you can drive engagement and focus on connecting directly with your clients.

Security & Safety First

Rest assured, we’ll always keep your application and clients protected with the best security and safety practices.

With rich community moderation, content reporting, abuse escalation and administrator alerts, you and your clients are in safe hands.

Instant Upgrades

We are constantly improving Coachific and will continue adding new features and making it easier to use.

All of these improvements will become available in your account automatically.

Build Your Coaching Community

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