The Future of Coaching is Community

Today having a community is the greatest coaching asset you can own. We give you the tools to enable noise-free community, online learning, memberships, gamification, rich-media, wearables integration and more.

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Build Your Tribe

Nurture your clients, forge strong community, make a difference and succeed together.

Share The Knowledge

Tutorials, guides, how-to’s, videos or full coaching programs, we’ve got online education covered.

Power Your Coaching

Check-ins, progress tracking, challenges, rich media messaging, and more, keep client’s returning.

A Better Way To Coach Your Clients

Your own private platform that delivers the same features of a social network, together with the coaching tools you need to get your job done.

If you want an unfair advantage, you want community.

Online Courses and Coaching Programs Made Simple

The tools you need to run your coaching business all in one place, so you can focus on helping your clients get results.

Rich content, unlimited video, live lessons, assessments, tracking and much more.

Afser Choudry

“Clients come for the coaching, but they stay for the community.”

Afser Choudry Gains Seekers

Game To Grow

Boost engagement, increase retention and empower your clients to work towards their goals by earning points, badges and rewards.

Move up leaderboards and have fun making progress.

Memberships & Subscriptions

Simple, seamless client signups and recurring memberships, with PayPal, Stripe and more, gets you paid faster and easier.

We don’t take a cut and never will, leaving you to focus on great coaching.

Kriss Bergathon

“Competitors can copy your coaching, but they cannot copy your community.”

Kriss Bergathon Fitera

Show Your Work, Share Your Knowledge

Upload, share and schedule evergreen articles, teaching videos, explanation audio, and coaching resources in your own online library.

With no limitations you can reach your first client to your thousandth.

Ready To Coach With Just A Few Clicks

Save time with done-for-you coaching programs, assessments and forms for all manner of coaching requirements.

Amy Harris

“When you coach on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, they can pull the rug from under you at any moment. Coachific lets you take back control.”

Amy Harris Ultimate Wellbeing

Chat, Private Messaging & Groups, Polls, Custom Branding, Moderation Tools, MyFitnessPal & Wearables Integration, Live Streams and more!

Launching your own coaching community isn’t the hard part anymore with Coachific.

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Why Trainers Love Coachific

Community is the new way to coach and today owning your own community is one of the greatest asset you could have.

Stephanie Rogers

FitFlex Nutrition

The time and overhead it took me to manage client check-ins was hindering my ability to take on more clients and make more money, but then I found Coachific and was impressed because it was so flexible that it could be used for online nutrition or online training.

I decided Coachific was exactly what I’d been looking for and I quickly had all of my clients using it and immediately started getting positive feedback about how much easier it was for them.

It was great for me too because the community keeps me in touch and has everything I need in order to see how each client is progressing which saved me a lot of time and allowed me to continue to grow my business.

Paul Graham

Optimal Body Personal Training

I had tried numerous different personal training software and websites, but I couldn’t find one that offered everything I wanted: drip content, user friendly, completely customizable, private messaging, tracking individual habits & behaviours, had a mobile app and integrated payment handling.

I knew I was being super picky and was about to give up my search when I luckily discovered Coachific.

It was exactly what I was looking for; a tool that gives me the freedom to create coaching programs that are exactly the way I want and I can track any custom client behaviours that are vital to the coaching program.

Brigitt Castille

BFit Nutrition and Training

I moved my coaching business online using Coachific and it has exceeded my expectations in being more effective for my client’s success and offers everything I could need for online coaching and then some.

Coachific has allowed me to build any program I could ever think of and the hands-on support while I was learning how to use the platform was incredible.

I have built 6 solid nutrition and lifestyle programs that my clients really love and knowing I can deliver content through Coachific and deliver my own social media coaching platform exactly how I want it to be presented and received lets me help people on a larger scale.

Build Your Coaching Community

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