How To Help Your Online Coaching Clients See Their Progress

Your clients are losing inches off of their body measurements but not seeing their weight drop on the scale and ask you why they’re not making progress.

It can be one of the hardest barriers for a coach to break through as even when you’ve explained the difference between losing bodyfat vs. gaining muscle, etc. a client can still be unhappy with their progress.

Typically only one definition of success will cause this client to see their own success and it’s up to you to help her see that the number on the scale is only one of many measures.

Perhaps keeping bodyfat measurements or taking photographs will help reinforce success when the scale doesn’t budge?

Ask them more about their goals and whether looking and feeling better is as positive as the number on the scale. Help them reach the conclusion that they’re making progress on their own rather than telling them that scale weight doesn’t matter.

Show them girth improvements, compare photographs, address habits and behaviour changes leading to the changes.

Stress that what they are seeing is positive and really be excited about it in addressing it.

Congratulate them! High fives! Weight is only one metric. We know that. It will come with time.

For some clients who are reporting no difference on the scale but reporting strength gains, feeling better, and girth improvements, etc. perhaps ask them to stop weighing themselves for a while.

Often the scale can influence behaviour in subtle ways. For example:

1. You wake up feeling lean and expecting a weight drop, so you weigh yourself and you’re disappointed if the number hasn’t dropped.

2. You wake up feeling fat and you weigh yourself and are surprised to have lost weight. You decide you deserve a cake and forget about the positive habits you’ve been building for a day of reward.

3. You wake up feeling fat and the scale just reinforces the weight gain with poor habits or no movement.
Redefining and reframing what progress looks like is an important step that comes with coaching and a client being open to new outlooks.

If a client is seeing results, perhaps now exercising consistently, has better hunger and satiety awareness, has a better understanding of what works for them and doesn’t, etc. these are all examples of results that can be celebrated and focused on.

What approaches and tactics do you use with your clients?