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How do I send a message?

To send a direct message to another community member you must first be connected / friends.

You can compose a new message by clicking the Message button on their profile or by opening your messages and write a new message.

Start typing a name into the address field (labeled “Type the names of one or more people”.) Names of your connections / friends will appear.

Select the person or people you want to message.

Type your message, include any formatting, photos, videos, documents, emojis, etc. then click Send.

How do I view sent messages?

Clicking a members name / message from the list will open the message for viewing, replying, etc.

How do I mark a message unread?

Once a message has been opened, click and select Mark unread.

How do I hide a message conversation?

A message conversation can be hidden / archived without deleting by marking as hidden. Once a message has been opened, click the and select Hide conversion.

How do I delete a message?

Once a message has been opened, click and select Delete your messages.

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