The messages page is where you’ll find, create and manage all of your client and coach messages.

Screen Actions

New Message

A new message can be created by clicking the New Message action (see below).

Upload Photo

An image or photo can quickly be added to a message by clicking the Upload Photo action.

Browse Library

Library entries denoted as scripts can be used to quickly add ready-made or pre-written content to a message and is accessed by clicking the Library action (see below).

Selecting Clients / Viewing Messages

To view messages from a client or to select a client to send a message to, click on their name in the left-hand list.

The selected recipient’s name will be displayed in the header of the messages so you can ensure the correct person has been chosen.

Sending a Message

To send a message simply type your message in the field at the bottom of the screen and click the Send action button. Alternatively, you can click the Upload Photo action or choose content from the Library (see below).

New Message

You can send an alternative rich-text / formatted message to a client by clicking the New Message action button and completing the appropriate fields.

You can address the message to multiple recipients manually or alternatively select client’s from the Client List or Coach Dashboard and choose the Send Message action.

Browse Library

Throughout the application you can insert library entries into messages, programs, content, etc. by clicking the Library action icon.

Once clicked the Library dialog will be displayed where the appropriate entry can be searched and selected. YouTube videos can also be searched and inserted into messages and content.

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