Who Is Your Target Audience and What Problem Can You Solve?

Unfortunately one-size-fits-all marketing messages don’t work very well.

You can talk about yourself; what you do, how you do it, your transformation success, etc. but the type of message that gets leads and sales meets your audience where they are in the problem-solving cycle.

So tailoring your marketing and understanding your audience’s awareness is so important. When you get to know your audience, you can better tailor your marketing message.

Once again, who is your target audience?

– The Most Aware: Prospect knows you and your product and only needs to know “the deal.”

– Product-Aware: Prospect knows what you sell, but isn’t sure it’s right for him.

– Solution-Aware: Prospect knows the result he wants, but not that your product provides it.

– Problem-Aware: Prospect senses he has a problem, but doesn’t know that there’s a solution.

– Completely Unaware: Prospect has no knowledge of anything except, perhaps, his own identity or opinion.

So you must tailor your message (and everywhere you engage your audience; website, social media, etc.) to meet your audience at their level.

Step 1: Provide Value: Educate your audience about their problem and solutions.

Step 2: Continue the Relationship: Push for engagement with your new and existing audience to better understand their problems and establish your credibility / authority.

Step 3: Present a Solution: Once you understand what is going on in the mind of your audience and the problems they are facing, present a high-value solution to their biggest problem.

Solving their problems should be your number one goal when developing marketing and communications strategies.

For you to be relevant to your existing and target audience, your message needs to solve their problems, answer their questions and make their lives easier.

Can you do this?

If you can, you’ll have won yourself a loyal customer, one that is perfectly aligned with your offering.