Educating Your Clients For Coaching Success

We’re all posting content on social media and our websites but are we taking a step back to understand WHY we’re doing it?

It’s great creating infographics, memes, articles, etc. and watching the follower count rise but isn’t the whole point of this action to further educate clients about you and the benefits of your coaching?

Instead of posting whatever content is at hand this is your chance to showcase that you truly understand the client’s situation and that you are just the expert that they need to help them solve their problem.

You should be focusing on the needs of the client and the benefits of your coaching.

It might seem obvious but most coaches don’t give this enough thought and miss the perfect chance to stand out from the crowd and align with their ideal clients.

Revisit the “So What Do You Do?” exercise to help craft your message and let it lead the type of content you produce. The better you understand your target clients, the easier it is to educate them.

If you’re unsure ask clients about any obstacles or barriers that are holding them back from achieving their goals and use the answers to provide information about their problem, the possible implications of that problem if it is left unsolved and how you can help them to address their needs.