Personal Training Client’s And The Terrible Too’s

The terrible too’s – “doing too much, too fast, too hard and with too little preparation” – are the leading causes of pain, injuries, setbacks and stalled progress when coaching personal training client’s.

Mild soreness is a natural consequence of using their muscles vigorously and a well-designed exercise program allows time for rest and recuperation.

However, they’ve got to watch out for specific stress injuries, such as knee problems and shin splints in runners, elbow and shoulder problems in tennis and baseball players, groin concerns in male cyclists, etc. as well as general body stress, or over-training.

How do they avoid over-training, or overuse syndrome?

1) Be realistic about your client’s abilities and their state of conditioning or lack thereof.

2) Work up gradually to their desired level of activity.

3) Ensure the activity is one they enjoy, one that fits their body size, and do different things to break up the monotony.

4) Encourage them to listen to their body. Not to work through pain. Rest an injured or over-stressed area, and take up a different activity in the meantime.

5) If injured, help the healing process with ice, ultrasound, medications, physical therapy, etc.