When It Comes To Coaching Write About What You Know

A common complaint from coaches is “What Should I Write About On Social Media?”.

For inspiration, consider the number of times you’ve been working, training or coaching and wondered, “Why hasn’t someone addressed this?”.

Or, when giving a client guidance about their coaching program, they say to you, “Do you realise how much value you just gave me?”, or “That makes perfect sense!”.

Keep it in the back of your mind and / or be ready with a note-taking device to jot down exactly how you could use this in your content creation strategies.

After time the process will become automatic and you’ll have a bank of ideas to draw upon.

Still stuck? Think about the following:

– What do you do for clients?

– What are some of the most misleading assumptions about your niche?

– What do client’s ask you about the most?

– What kind of conversations do you often find yourself in with other coaches?

– Do you have predictions for your niche or industry?

Remember that you are the expert in your field. You can offer value and are more knowledgeable in your niche and can write about it with more depth, experience and intelligence than your clients.

So don’t be afraid. Don’t hold back and show your clients that you intend to make the most of their time and deliver true actionable content.