So Coach, What Do You Do?

As coaches and trainers we often get asked the above question and our first impulse is to respond with our job title or vague outline of our daily tasks.

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Qualities of Successful E-Mail Copy For Coaches

• Accuracy. Typos and factual errors make a company look sloppy and inattentive. A research study found 4% of emails had misspellings. • Relevance. Speak directly to your audience. Provide useful and informative information. • Get to the point. Conciseness. Delete unnecessary words. • Write in the active voice. • Scanability. 79% of readers always […]

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Free Stock Images For Coaches

I was discussing with a coach yesterday about how a tough part of social media marketing is finding the perfect image to accompany posts on social media, blogs, etc. and thought the list we come up with would benefit other coaches too.

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