Don’t Change Facebook Advertising Campaigns Too Frequently!

Frequent campaign changes damage the effectiveness of your campaign by not fully establishing your message in the minds of your prospective client’s.

Your client is not sitting out there anxiously awaiting your advertising. He will have to see or hear your message numerous times before fully processing and acting on it.

A good rule of thumb is that a prospective client must be exposed to your advertisement somewhere between three and eight times before he will be moved to act on it. The progression goes more or less like this:

• First exposure – Your message gets onto your client’s radar screen. However, you can’t go so far as to assume he is now aware of your message.

• Second exposure – This time your client pays some attention to the ad but probably still does not listen to the message carefully.

• Third exposure – If you are lucky, your client may start processing your message. At this point, you can probably assume that you have established some degree of awareness of your advertising message.

• Fourth exposure – By now, your advertising is creating interest in your client’s mind. He is not only aware of your product, he is considering how your product may enhance his health, fitness, wellness, etc.

• Fifth exposure – Interest begins to evolve toward commitment.

• Sixth exposure – The advertisement triggers a response.

The point is, your advertising is going to have to work long and hard to trigger a response.

A little impatience on your part can kill an advertising program before it has the chance to succeed.

Repetition is a good thing!